Meet Katherine Fahey, one of the visual artists involved with Mobtown Moon

I met Kathy Fahey at a little coffee shop in Hampden that we were both supporting by volunteering, several years ago.  I had seen the posters and artwork that she had created for Caleb Stine and other amazing musicians around Baltimore and loved her style, sensitivity and of course, her use of birds.  She was starting explore paper-cut and also a special paper-cut style of shadow puppetry called a “crankie” (and hand cranked 47 foot long piece of Tyvek, with papercut affixed to it.)  I commissioned a crankie for my song “Pickett’s Charge” and it turned out so beautifully.  You can view it here (and remember, this is one, long, live take).


By working on this project together, I got to know Kathy pretty well and appreciated her “made by hand” artist’s philosophy.  Yes, her works take time–sometimes lots of time, but they are made by hand and with an incredible amount of heart.

Fast forward to this project, our Mobtown Moon.  Sandy and I were planning a fundraising show at the Creative Alliance in September 2012 and I had the idea that we could bring in some visual artists in our community by asking them to allow us to auction off a few of their works in the lobby during the show.  We have been committed, from the beginning, to make this an artist-sustaining enterprise and my thinking was that I would have the artists tell me what they needed to earn from the piece they were giving us.  Then I would start the silent auction bidding around $15-20 above that.  Once that first bid was placed, the artist would be able to receive their fee and then anything else would be considered funds raised to support Mobtown Moon.  Everybody wins!

Kathy donated three of her prints to us for the auction and all the proceeds from the winning bids went to support our project. (And three lucky bidders got to go home with beautiful, home grown artwork for their walls!)  Please learn more about her work at her website: