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Great local press support!

From the start, this project has received tremendous support from so many people and institutions in Baltimore, but especially our terrific local arts reporters. Check out our press page for entertaining and sharply focused interviews with Sandy or ellen or both, from radio personalities Aaron Henkin, Tom Hall, and Sam Sessa, and magazine writer John… Read more »

introducing our cover art and artist!

As the self-named “visual alchemist” (props to Molly Ross at Nana Projects for letting me borrow her words), for Mobtown Moon, I’ve been having a blast letting my imagination go wild and learning a lot about the visuals associated with Pink Floyd material, as we continue to build this project to epic proportions. Let’s face… Read more »

OrchKids come in to sing “Eclipse.”

We were so excited to have a select choir (9 young singers chosen by audition) and their excellent conductor, Dion Cunningham, to join us on our arrangement of “Eclipse,” the last track of the album. OrchKids is a groundbreaking school music program founded by a young, visionary musician named Dan Trahey. Dan was heavily inspired… Read more »

“Any Colour…”–our one real “jazz” track.

We’ve noticed that many of our early supporters and listeners want to apply the label “jazz” to our arrangements. It’s true that as chief arranger, I have a tendency to complicate chords and navigate song arrangements in a style befitting my jazz background. But the reality is, Mobtown Moon contains a lot of different grooves… Read more »

“Money” vocal sessions.

  David (Native Son) Ross and Femi (the DriFish) Lawal are the brilliant, charismatic spoken word duo known as The 5th L. We were excited to have them come into the studio and record their original rap, an homage/extension we are tacking onto the ending of the song “Money.” Later that same day, Cris Jacobs… Read more »

“Time” rehearsal

Brian Simms is an awesome vocalist on top of being a great keyboardist. Last night at rehearsal, seeing him leap to action with drummer Christian Stengel and bassist Matthew Everhart (hiding outside the frame of this photo), I realized the arrangement details for “Time” would be in good hands if Brian and his dudes took… Read more »